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Useful websites and APPS


Please find below a list of websites and apps that you may find beneficial to use at home.


Education Resource Website – Twinkl

Twinkl –


Activity packs – Activity Village

Screen Free Activities

  • Kids Activities – 25 screen-free activities to do at home

  • Pobble

  • Fun activities to complete at home

BBC – Tiny People

The BBC have a fantastic website called Tiny Happy People which provides information on how to help your child’s communication skills through simple interaction and play – click here to visit their website. 

Interactive Resources across a range of subjects

Phonics and Reading

Username – march2o

Password – home

  • Amazon Books

choose the genre or age that you want and then choose sort by price: low to high and there are lots of free books available to read online.

  • Free ebooks

Maths Games

Times Tables

Stories online

Websites to support computing



Maths Prodigy


Scratch/ Scratch Jnr

Math Duel

Top marks

Phonics Ninja

Pizza fractions 1

Nasa Visulisation Explorer

Middle School Maths Planet

Vocabulary spelling city

Todo Maths

Thinking blocks multiplication